Campervan and car rental service in Japan

About Camgo campervan

Camgo campervan was established in 2013.
We are experienced campervan travellers who can support you
with all necessary information and equipment to enjoy japan to the fullest.

Company information

Campany name Camgo campervan Japan
Rental car license Kanto department of Transportation, Kanagawa transportation bureau
Office address 2-3772-42, higashi-onuma, minami-ku, sagamihara-shi, kanagawa #225-0333 JAPAN
Location Machida, TOKYO
Year of establishment 20.January 2014
Capital 3,000,000JPY
President Kimihisa TANAKA
Official site
Office Telephone 050-3708-3260

Our staff

Kimihisa Tanaka
Thank you very much for visiting out web site. I am Kimi and the founder of Camgo campervan Japan.
I have traveled to over 50 countries around the world.
Also I have enjoyed road trip in various countries (North America (USA, Canada, Alaska) / New Zealand / Australia / East Europe / Fiji and JAPAN!).
I like hot spring-hopping in Japan. Please feel free to ask us about hot springs when you rent the van!

founder of Camgo campervan Japan

I have private Youtube channel. Please have a look at it!

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