Campervan and car rental service in Japan

How to rent

How to rent

Driver's license


Cancellation policy

1 . Make a reservation

Please make an inquiry using the quotation form (Osaka). We would like to ask you the following information.
We will send you the availability and quotation within 3 days.

  1. Your Name
  2. Your Email
  3. Your age (All drivers must be 21 years or older )
  4. Nationality
  5. International driver's license
  6. Desired campervan model
  7. Pick up date (DD/MM/YY) & time
  8. Return date (DD/MM/YY) & time
  9. Type of the van (Camper or Regular van)
  10. Kitchen equipment
  11. How many people
  12. Please send us your details and where your great trip goes to.

important! Information about driver'e license

2 . Payment

The reservation will be completed when we receive the booking deposit.
Please make payment via Paypal or ask us.

3 . Driving Requirements

We need your Passport and Driver's license . We will make a copy when you pick up a car.

4 . Before departure

Please sign the contract. Please check if there are any scratches or dents on the car with the staff before departure.

5 . How to return

Please fill up the tank at nearest gas station before you return.
If you would like to extend the renta period, Please contact us immediately.

About driver's license

All foreign drivers are required to have an international driving license(Geneva convention 1949) or foreign(Germany, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Monaco or Taiwan) driver's license with Japanese translation.

International driver's license
(Geneva convention 1949)


Foreign driver's license (Switzerland, Germany, France, Belgium, Monaco, Taiwan)

International Driving Permit
(Driver's license / Geneva Convention 1949)
Asia Filipine, India, Thailand, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Laos, Korea, Hong Kong, Macau
Oceania New Zealand, Fiji, Australia, Papua New Guinea
Europe United Kingdom, Greece, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Netherlands, Italy, Russia, Serbia, Montenegro, Spain, Finland, Portugal, Austria, Poland, Ireland, Hungary, Romania, Iceland, Bulgaria, Malta, Albania, Luxembourg, San Marino, Vatican, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia
America USA, Canada, Peru, Cuba, Equador, Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Barbados, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Haiti, Trinidad Tobago, Venezuela, Jamaica
Africa South Africa, Central Africa, Egypt, Ghana, Algeria, Morocco, Botswana,Democratic Republic of the Congo, Congo, Benin, Cote d'Ivoire, Lesotho,Madagascar, Malawi, Mari, Niger, Rwanda, Senegal, Sierra Leone,Togo,Tunisia, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Burkina Faso, Nigeria
Middle east Turkey, Israel, Syria, Cyprus, Jordan, Lebanon, UAE

* Notice *

The driver who have driver's licenses issued in Switzerland, Germany, France, Belgium, Monaco, Taiwan.
must carry the Japanese translation of the license with your national license. Please check this site ; Japan Automobile Federation (JAF)
If you already possess a translation license, please have the original with you. Copies are not valid.

Driver's license translation service

Driver's licenses issued in Germany, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Monaco or Taiwan must be able to simultaneously present passport and Japanese translation of driver's license.

We could take care of an application for you.

What we need for application

Color copy (PDF or JPEG) of the front and back of the license.

Representation application fee : Inquiry

Please prepare clear photocopies of the front and back of the license, preferably in color, that allow the inscriptions on the license to be read clearly.

Please feel free ask us any question. Have fun on your trip!!


We insist on Insurance for the car, passengers and third parties as follows.
We are members of road assistance. You could get a road assistance for 24hours.
If you need "Full coverage insurance", we recoomend that you buy a travel insurance. Thank you for your understanding.
All guests must take the basic insurance below. It costs 1,100JPY / per day.

Compensation for personal damage Unlimited per person
(including compulsory automobile liability insurance )
(Excess fee / Maximum 100,000JPY per accident)
Compensation for property damage Unlimited
(Excess fee / Maximum 100,000JPY per accident)
Compensation for vehicle damage Up to market value
(Excess fee / Maximum 50,000JPY per accident)
Compensation for personal injury Up to 30,000,000JPY per person *1

*1) Compensation will be paid for injuries to passengers (including death and residual disability) regardless of the degree of the driver's responsibility.
(Up to JPY 30,000,000: The amount of damage will be calculated by the insurance company based on the insurance clause.).

**This insurance agreement is valid from 24.Feb.2019

Non-Operation Charge

In the event of a car accident, car theft, car trouble or stain,damage on a car, if the car needs to be repaired and/or cleaned, the following fee will be charged as a compensation during the time of repairing/cleaning:

Cleaning fee Fee : Up to 10,000JPY (including tax)
When the car is returned to the shop as planned by its own ability Fee : 20,000JPY (including tax)
When the car is not returned to the shop as planned by its own ability /
Big scratch or dents ( more than 15cm )
Fee : 50,000JPY (including tax)

Damages that Insurance does not cover

The amount of damage that insurance does not cover or exceeds the insurance limitation has to be covered by the customer. Examples of Cases that the Insurance will NOT PAY.

Cancellation policy

We require a deposit ( 30% of total amount ) to confirm a reservation.
Please contact us immediately when you change or cancel a booking. When the reservation will be cancelled, the deposit is non-refundable.

Date of Cancellation Cancellation Fee
30Days Before the start of the rental period No charges
15-29days Before the start of the rental period 30% of the Total Rental Fee
9-14days Before the start of the rental period 40% of the Total Rental Fee
3-8days Before the start of the rental period 50% of the Total Rental Fee
1-2days Before the start of the rental period 70% of the Total Rental Fee
Rental Day 100% of the Total Rental Fee
After the scheduled Rental Day 100% of the Total Rental Fee